This year KMF launched their fourth Young Engineer of the Year (YEOTY) project which is based around the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), helping students to develop their skills. The challenge saw year 10 students from 25 Staffordshire schools go head-to-head to take the best selfie in Space! #sentintospace. The students had to launch GoPro cameras up to 33 kilometres and use tracking devices to calculate the landing point for retrieval. Michelin; decided to sponsor and support a group of Year 10 students from Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy, who wanted to take on the challenge.

 Since 2008, we have filmed a wide variety of videos with Michelin for both internal and external communications, travelling across the UK to all of Michelin’s sites including Stoke, Dundee and Ballymena, interviewing staff from various departments, to people working on the factory floor, sharing their knowledge and experiences about the company. Over the past decade we have also worked with Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy on many projects, creating a number of enrichment videos that involved both students and staff, to show what activities are available at the school helping students to develop their skills needed for the future. The videos were created to be used at opening evenings to inspire and encourage families and potential students. Because we have grown such a successful relationship with both of our clients, it was a great opportunity for us to take part in this challenge.

Our job was to capture all of the action of the project and the students working together as a team to complete the challenge successfully. We visited Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy on the 4th May 2016, to film the students’ preparation for the Space Balloon Challenge. As Michelin were sponsoring the school, they also decided to take part and offer their support to the students. The students were very excited to take part in the challenge and explained how it would be a great opportunity to develop their skills. We interviewed everyone taking part to see what the project was about, why they wanted to be involved, and how the project has been going so far.

LAUNCH DAY (12th May 2016)
To start the day off, we arrived at Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy at 7:30am, to speak to the students about what they expected to achieve from the day and see how they were all feeling. They were definitely more excited than nervous! The whole challenge was filmed by manned cameras and GoPro cameras that had been set up in the tracking vehicle. When we arrived at the RAF Cosford Museum, the students had already got their team set up and allocated jobs. The students were very eager to get the final preparation completed and take part in the final challenge. Then it was time to launch! The balloon contained a miniature Michelin Man and a GoPro camera so that we were able to capture footage from Space! Once the balloon had been released, the students headed off to track the journey of the balloon and where it would land. The whole challenge depended on where the balloon would land and the weather. We captured the whole journey on a GoPro camera that had been attached to the tracking vehicle. The exciting part of the journey was that no one had any idea where the balloon would land.

Overall, Reels in Motion were honoured to work with Michelin on this exciting project with Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy and capture all of the action from the Young Engineer of the Year Challenge. We then combined all of the footage from the students’ preparation for the day and the live action to produce the final video  The shoot was a massive success and we were able to record all of the action from the day and the students working together to launch their balloon. Throughout the day the team were kept up-to-date across social media with our clients and other companies tweeting about the day. The edit was an overall success and Michelin loved the first edit that they received. On 7th July 2016, Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy attended the KMF Young Engineer of the Year Awards and achieved the best video award with support of Michelin. The project had been a great success overall and we were pleased to be a part of the experience.