Our video production company create short film productions in the West Midlands on a daily basis and how we split our time between each bespoke project differs, but we’ve put together a recipe style breakdown of just what goes into a typical 3-minute film production!

Briefing & Budgeting

Formulating the initial concept for short film production in the West Midlands can take up to 10% of the overall creative process, as our creatives carefully consider the brief and lay the foundations for filming while working within your budgeting parameters. During this stage, we work alongside clients to determine a look and narrative including objective, audience, timeframes and content.


Around 25% of the project time is spent turning your vision into a reality, arranging the logistical elements and forming a comprehensive project plan. From equipment booking, location scouting and set design, our team leave nothing to chance when creating a schedule for short film production in the West Midlands.


Clients are often surprised to know that actually filming their short video takes up around 15% of our time, whether it’s a talking head to the camera or a drone shot capturing a cityscape.


Bringing together all of the elements and materials in the editing stage takes around 35% of the overall project, ensuring that the film is organised and structured in a way that tells a compelling story and meets the brief. At this stage, we also add in effects, create green screen infographics or alter anything else that is specific to the success of the short film.

Feedback & Revisions

All of our projects are internally reviewed by our peers to ensure that nothing has been missed during the process. From here we spend the remaining 15% of our allocated time showing the client the product and making any suggested alterations to the film.