Once you have decided to capture the essence of your company in moving pictures, there are a number of decisions to make. Aside from finding a company skilled enough to achieve your vision, there are a number of creative factors to decide upon before putting pen to paper and scripting something. With a range of styles available all suited to different purposes, it’s important to consider what will work in practice. The Reels in Motion team have some tips and tricks to follow for getting the best out of your video production in Staffordshire.


Promotional Video


Not just reserved for the blue chips, organisations of all sizes can benefit from promotional videos, be it to encourage sales of a particular product or detail a sale or business event. Our video production Staffordshire team create compelling and original content produced to a broadcast standard that fits within your budget and for all sizes and types of business. This form of video is suited to companies looking to communicate their company to the world, on social media, through their website or via third-party organisations.




Popular and on trend, time-lapse videos offer a very specific style of video, where a camera films the actions from a single position, taking single images at regular intervals over a period of time, which when put together in post-production creates the illusion that time is ‘lapsing’ quicker than it does. Typically, our video production team in Staffordshire create this style if video for building sites and exhibition events, where progress needs to be shown quickly. Alternatively, instructional videos can benefit from this style, in order to offer a ‘show and tell’ of industry-specific procedures.


If you are looking for a way to capture your brand on film and would like advice on what would work, get in touch with our video production team Staffordshire today on 01782 454054.