Training videos can seem like they would be an exercise in patience but they don’t have to be hard graft. A high-quality training video relates the audience’s learning to the reasons why they should be learning it, motivating them to remain interested throughout.


Training videos are a great timesaver, as you don’t have to shut down a department to send them to training courses. They can watch the videos from the office while staying on top of work. This also means they can learn at their own pace, giving your employees more confidence in their new knowledge.


Here at Reels in Motion, we have created varied training videos in the past, across different industries and sizes of company. So if you’re looking for training video production London or Manchester, take a look at our portfolio to see what we can do for you.


Here are a few tips for your training video:


Don’t show – tell. This advice is contradictory to possibly all the other advice ever given about video but it’s important to effectively put across detail and not leave anything up for interpretation, as this leaves room for error.


Studies have shown that the average attention span drops off after just two minutes, meaning its important to keep the video moving and interesting with bold colours, animated infographics, and cutting up longer topics to create point-related videos.


Consuming video is officially the best-preferred way to absorb information, with how-to and DIY videos soaring in popularity on YouTube. It’s very appealing to audiences to be shown something because it leaves less room for interpretation and therefore error.


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