With sales season fast approaching, businesses the world over begin to step up their game and mix up their marketing methods, to try and get a bit more bang for their bucks. If your company is looking to follow suit, staying ahead of the trends is vital, so our video producers in Staffordshire have put together a list of some of this year’s biggest marketing video trends.

Video Led Content

With the colossal rise of social media over the last few years, video is no longer seen as a luxury and something ‘nice to have’ if companies had marketing budget left over. Now, it has rightly earned its place at the head of the table and no marketing manifesto is complete without video and 2019 expects to see more and more companies leading with video. Our promotional video producers in Staffordshire recommend sharing small snippets of video, often rather than large videos infrequently, if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

Video Sales Funnell

Videos have always performed well at the top of the sales funnel, but the latest trend is seeing businesses use them further down the funnel. Supporting customers on their journey with video along the way can help you stand out above the competition and improve your company credentials. The Reel in Motion promotional video producers in Staffordshire suggest hooking customers with a sales video, before providing them with instructional and explainer videos, after purchase.

Video Is Technical

Every business looks for the best quality video and that means keeping abreast with current filming techniques. While drone footage is set to stay in fashion this year, our promotional video producers in Staffordshire suggest that 360-degree video and stabilising gimble footage will give video’s the edge in 2019.

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