Reels in Motion don’t only produce video, we are able to cover live events across the UK! We have the capability to record, save, and edit your video for future use as well as streaming it as a live broadcast. We set up at least two cameras to capture the events from different angles and upon request are able to provide a mixing desk to edit at we film.


But why should you do this?


Streaming or recording your live events gives your business immediate professional credibility. It also gives insight into your company, which helps build your core values; in this over saturated market it is important to do this as more and more customers start choosing companies based on brand identity.


It also enlarges your audience and grows your fan base. In the modern online world, trends are very important and may consumers will “follow the leader” and if their peers are watching, it’s likely they will be too. Live streaming in particular is a great way to create an online buzz around your business.


Studies have shown that if given the option between video and text, consumers choose video. Videos will hold their attention for longer, meaning they’re more likely to make it through to the end of what you’re portraying about your company through a video rather than a written report about how the event unfolded.


Reel in Motion have filmed Live Event Coverage in Birmingham, Live Event Coverage in Cheshire, and Live Event Coverage in Staffordshire and adjacent areas but are available to film anywhere in the UK.


Our Live Event filming covers:

  • Property Events
  • Business Conferences
  • Student & Recruitment Fairs
  • Political Conferences, Events & Announcements
  • Live Music & Comedy
  • Public Debates
  • Specialist Conventions
  • And more!


Get in touch with us today to find out more about our work covering live events.