Project: Brand video for Synectics Solutions

Reels in Motion were commissioned to produce a brand video for our client, Synectics Solutions. The video was produced to give the audience a better understanding of what Synectics Solutions is about, what the organisation does, and the impact their work has on us all – reducing fraudulent crime.

“To create a Brand video for Synectics, we needed an idea which would capture their personality, what they do, and what Synectics ‘feels’ like. In short, we needed to produce a video which did the hardest thing in film making – showing, not telling. A traditional approach to this brief would have been either a scripted voiceover artist telling you about the wonderful values the company live by or talking head employee’s telling you how innovative the culture is at Synectics. Both would be fine. Functional. Informative. But neither would actually show you the personality of the company. They’d just tell you about it.

Our approach was to create an atmospheric journey from the smallest of data forms to the people who create them to the world in which we live and beyond. We wanted to show the global scale of the company’s goals and the people on the ground floor making it happen. Whether we’ve been successful, I will leave to your judgement, but the initial reaction and feedback from client and public alike has been very positive.”
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