Corporate films are becoming more popular than ever. The need for both informational and entertaining corporate films has risen with the oversaturation of the market in many industries. Customers want to see a personable, trustworthy brands that soft sell their product or service through the sharing of information, with attractive and tasteful branding.

So, what are the hallmark signs of a high-quality corporate film?

Content. Lots of it. You don’t want to overwhelm the audience with information, but you do want them to walk away with a clear image of what your brand is about and what services you offer. A good corporate film will offer just enough information to make your brand attractive and show what you have that your competitors don’t without telling your audience so much that they don’t feel motivated to get in touch. Leave them wanting to know just a little more.

On that note; show, don’t tell. Price and product are valuable parts of your brand but shouldn’t be the focus of your corporate film. Personality is key here. The way you choose to show your audience the product or services you provide will be key to your corporate film’s success.

Audience. Really think about who it is that you want to see and engage with your video to turn into your customer. What you show to and older demographic will not look the same as a younger one. Gain feedback from your current customers if you can because whatever it is about your product or service, they love is what you should be talking about in your corporate film.

Values. Every company has values that contribute to the workplace environment. What are yours? These are things that give your brand personality. Whether you bring a customer in and treat them like part of the team or take a more professionally efficient approach, there is a market out there looking for you. Make sure that when you’re presenting your product you exercise this personality. If you’re very professionally efficient, for the customer that just wants things done, then take an informationally efficient approach to the video. Don’t talk about building close customer relationships, as when a potential customer interacts with your company it will read false.

Here at Reels in Motion we create an atmospheric journey for your key audience, introducing them to your brand’s personality and letting them know why they want to choose you.  For more information about corporate films click here or call us on 01782 454 054.