Project: TV Comercial for Smartbird by Gector

Services commissioned: Concept and creatives, scripting, storyboards, Producing

Reels in Motion were commissioned to produce this TV Commercial for Smartbird by Glector as well as another for Amabel also by Glector. Smartbid produces a range of supplements that helps its users to combat the stress of modern life, strengthen your whole body and send of well-being. Reels in Motion delivered the concept, script and storyboards as well as leading Producers.  The production took place in India to give the production a more authentic look and also control a tight budget.  Reels in Motion sourced the production partners in India and worked from our London studio with Glector to deliver the Smartbird commercial.  The commercial needed to give the viewer a feel for what Smartbird does and how t can take its consumer away from the hustle and bustle of their day to day rat race.  Similar to the product Amabel we were working with Glector as they moved into a new area for the company.  Working alongside consultancy partners and their marketing agency So Marketing, Reels in Motion delivered the concept, script and boards that brought the commercial to live.  Our team also worked with Glector to choose the correct production partner in India and was the lead producer through the whole project.

We love to produce its what we do best and we love working in collaboration to bring a project a live.  So whether you would like us to work with your organisation direct or with your agency please get in touch and we will assist through the whole project.  You are in safe hands with Reels and we will go above and beyond to produce your commercial.  Give one of our team a call today or drop us your details through our contact form and one of our producers will be in touch.