The UK’s largest gas network, Cadent Gas (formally National Grid Gas Distribution) along with their Marketing Agency Lesniak Swann, have again commissioned Reels in Motion to produce a film about their new Hynet gas network proposal for the North West of England. The film will be used as part of a proposal for a new cleaner more cost-effective method of producing a hydrogen gas combination that will effectively reduce greenhouse gases and facilitating the UK governments “Clean Growth Plan”

Reels are proud to have worked with both Lesniak Swann & Cadent Gas over the past year on various projects (both animation and video) and we’re delighted to be involved with this exciting and worthwhile venture with both partners.

Louisa Broad (Communication manager, Cadent Gas) explains the purpose of the project: Emissions from natural gas combustion and use are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. The use of hydrogen in place of natural gas, in principle, offers a potential route to long term widespread decarbonisation of gas distribution networks, as shown by the Leeds City Gate study. The purpose of considering conversion to hydrogen is to deliver widespread carbon abatement across the UK at lower cost than alternative decarbonisation strategies.

Jo Holdcroft (Senior account manager, Lesniak Swann) added: We’ve been working on a number of digital marketing and PR projects with Cadent Gas for over a year now & we’re excited to be part of their continuing success. The aims of the proposed project are not only innovative & ambitious but will have a significant impact on improving our environment and we at Lesniak Swann are extremely proud to be part of it.