Project: Online promotional video for Michelin Sport Tyres

Services Commissioned: Production planning, filming and recording, Editing, Colour Grading, delivery and Producing

This online promotional video for the Super Sport Tyre from tyre giant Michelin PLC was shot at the world famous Goodwood Track. Goodwood Circuit is a historic venue for both two- and four-wheeled motorsport in the United Kingdom. The 3.8 kilometres (2.4 mi)[1] circuit is situated near Chichester, West Sussex, close to the south coast of England, on the estate of Goodwood House, and completely encircles Chichester/Goodwood Airport. This is the racing circuit dating from 1948, not to be confused with the separate hillclimb course located at Goodwood House and first used in 1936

Reels in Motion who have worked with Michelin on a variety on projects and benefit from their state of the art office in Stoke on Trent took on this project with super high speed camera for recording slow motion as well as drones and GoPros to capture all the action from the track in this 3 day event. Reels in Motion travelling down to Chichester in their number for this shoot because as you can imagine capture the action around this world famous track needed several cameras around the track.  Reels in Motion also conducted interviews with the drivers who were carrying out the testing on these new tyres.  We knew the online video that we produced had to be informative as well as clearly demonstrate the excitement from the attendees.  The video that resulted was received really well by Michelin and they look at us as video production company that they can trust and rely on to deliver the online video content that they want each and every time.  Reels in Motion is really proud to be the video production company to deliver to this world wide brand.