6PM Solutions http://6pmsolutions.com/ produces medical software to not only help their clients and users, but also the patients. Each of their medical software solutions help their clients meet their day-to-day clinical requirements, which provides clinicians and health specialists with more time to focus on the patients’ welfare.

Reels in Motion has worked with 6PM Solutions now for 2 years, filming a number of promotional videos for their software products. Initially we were commissioned to film a video to help 6PM Solutions sales team promote one of their latest products, Climate-HIV. As this proved to be such a successful tool, they decided to use video across all of their products.

The past two years has taken us all around the country filming in hospitals already using 6PM Solution’s products including North Middlesex University Hospital, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Freeman Hospital and the East Surrey Hospital. So far, we have filmed two Climate-HIV and two iFIT videos, with a further two new product videos in the pipeline. The videos combine product demonstrations with client testimonials, giving prospective clients a clear overview of the product, backed up by respected professionals and hospitals that are already benefitting from the software.

October 2015 saw us film our second promotional video for 6PM’s Climate- HIV software. This software solution is a specialised HIV electronic patient record which provides the whole clinical team with fast access to patient data, helps to inform the patient about their health, reduces the management that is needed to write GP letters and referrals, whilst recording all of the patient information in one place.

We visited Nottingham City Hospital to interview a selection of clinicians and health specialists to see what their opinion was on the Climate-HIV software. Each of the interviewees explained how the software improved their day-to-day duties and how it has helped them to build a better relationship with their patient. Climate-HIV has helped each member of staff analyse their patients’ health and find the information easily and efficiently as the information is able to be easily found.

Reels in Motion then combined the interviews with product shots to produce a promotional video for 6PM Solutions, to help sell their current medical software and show other hospitals what it is that the software does and the impact it is having on their clients and their patients every day.

We have our next filming booked with 6PM Solutions and are looking forward to working with them on many more occasions in the future.