Reels in Motion offer comprehensive video services including live events filming for everything from corporate to rock concerts. We’ve filmed for conferences all over the country an continue to expand our repertoire of experience. As standard, we have at least a two-camera setup but can increase to number of cameras and tailor their placement depending on the event and coverage.

We can even supply a mixing desk to essentially edit the footage while it is still being filmed so that it can be uploaded very quickly after the event if over. We also have live streaming capabilities that can be projected on screens around the event or streamed through the internet.

In an increasingly international world, the benefits of live event coverage are endless. Putting your brand identity out there and showing you are engaged enough to host events gives your business fantastic professional credibility, as live streaming events can often be viewed as something challenging or expensive.

This enables your potential consumers to directly see that you care about your ethos, business, and therefore their business with you.

We offer these services to businesses across the UK but some of our most popular live event filming areas are Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, and London.

If you choose to record your event, we can then edit the video into multiple different formats to be used for purposes like website video and corporate video. Studies have shown that the average consumer always prefers to watch a video about something rather than read text, so you never know when this footage might come in handy.

So, if you’re looking for live event filming in Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, or London, then look no further than Reels in Motion. We will complete your project with professionalism and ensure the results are exactly as you envisioned.

You can contact us on 01782 454 054 to discuss this further or visit our website for examples of our work and to find out more.