We Provoke http://www.weprovoke.co.uk/ are a multi-disciplined brand and marketing communication agency, who help their clients all over the UK define their online voice, create compelling content, connect with their audience and show their clients all of the opportunities online for their business through three aspects of digital marketing; creating, digital and social search.

Reels in Motion were commissioned to film a number of testimonial videos in November 2015 on behalf of We Provokes’ client, Crystal Legal Services. We Provoke were in the process of launching Crystal Legal Services website, and decided that a key element was to include testimonial videos to help boost their SEO results. Once the footage had been gathered from the shoot, it was then edited into short, concise interviews, which were then released onto Crystal Legal Services website.

We visited Crewe Hall to interview a selection of Crystal Legal Services clients and staff, to see what their opinion was on the services that the company provided. We provoke were looking to produce a number of talking head videos with a simple set up, so we decided that the best approach was to interview with just one camera and a three-point lighting setup. The videos consisted of a selection of Crystal Legal Services clients as well as staff, providing We Provoke with marketing materials from both the service overview and customer experience perspective.

Crystal Legal Services decided to film client testimonials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lITjtGxFrjw as this helped to change the negative view of PPI and PBA reclaim business by using the customer as the voice of the company. The staff testimonials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti5jP1I0uUA were filmed to provide information of the services that Crystal Legal Services provide, promoting the company further to present and future clients.