Project: Brand video for Kevin Gaskell

Services Commissioned: Concept, video marketing, scripting, storyboarding, filming, editing, Grading, sound design and delivery.

Show reel videos are not only useful tools for businesses but can be applied to people too. Business mentor, speaker and explorer Kevin Gaskell approached us to help raise his professional profile and after taking the time to find out who he was, we came up with this creative video show reel.  Kevin background is hugely impressive having worked along side some of the biggest organisations in the world.  Reels in Motion needed to think of a dynamic and engaging way to portray what Kevin does without being able to film in his client premises for confidential reasons.  Kevin works at the heart of these businesses and we couldn’t take cameras into his sessions.  Therefore we had to think of a method to portray what he does with his clients without actually seeing it.  We took ourselves and Kevin off to Oxford and shot Kevin in a way that was symbolic to how he takes businesses up to the next level in terms of profitability and growth.  This was then combined with Kevin’s interview which was really important in getting across Kevin’s personality.

Reels also combined existing footage Kevin had of some of his public speaking engagements and also some footage of his great explorations to the North pole.  Kevin would take groups in what can only be deemed the toughest personal and team building exercises that we have ever come across.  Kevin has used his show reel for his own personal promotion as well as submitting it to the numerous speaking agencies he is registered with which has made a significant impact on his speaking engagements around the work.  If you understand how powerful YOU can be as your own brand then please get in touch with Reels in Motion for us to help you create your own brand video.