Project: Music Video for DJ Ashley Wallbridge signed with Armada Music

Services Commissioned: Producer and Production Services and Post Production

Reels in Motion worked with Writer/ Director Adam Hamdy to produce this music video for world reclaimed DJ Ashley Wallbridge Reels in Motion have worked with Adam on several projects and were really excited to collaborate again for ‘Keep the Fire’  The team worked on a tight budget and tight turn around but the results are stunning.  Shot on the RED the location for the film was the Staffordshire Moorlands at Les Oaks farm, Cheadle.  The location really helped create a backdrop to this bare knuckle illegal street fighting our heroine has to engage in to save her little boy.  All action was choreographed by Adam Hamdy and Matt Hubbard who was lead producer for Reels in Motion. Shot over a weekend the production saw a cast and crew of well over 100 involved the combination of the fight sequences and slow motion created a film that everyone involved in the project was very pleased for.  The post production services were provied by Reels in Motion in their head studio in the midlands with the grade also being conduction at the Stoke on Trent film studio.

The video was released through the usual social media channels of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the video currently is making its was to 500,000 views on YouTube alone.  The success of the film has seen Adam Hamdy team up with Reels in Motion for several other film projects as well as working again with Armada Music and Ashley Wallbridge.   Please get in touch with the studio for an projects in pre production.