Project: A promotional casestudy for JCB Finance

Services Commissioned: Scheduling, Production, Drone, Post-Production, Interviewing and Producing

Reels in Motion have worked with JCB Finance on several projects over several year and they came to us again to look at a series of case study videos from some of their customers who have benefited from financial products that are on offer from JCB Finance.  These Video case studies are shot in varies locations across the county as JCB Finance customers are all over the UK.  Reels in Motion also suggested that they use our in-house drone operator and drone to capture some ariel footage.  There is nothing more powerful than hearing from a customer first hand at how important a product or service has been for them and their business.  The written testimonial has been a powerful tool for businesses for years however people no longer want to read testimonials they want to see them.  With a potential customer 84% times more likely to remember something that they see and hear rather than read its no wonder organisations like JCB Finance are looking at video case studies as a powerful tool in their marketing strategy.

So if you are an organisation that prides itself on its level of customer service or quality of your products and are constantly thinking if only my potential customers could meet my existing then video case studies are for your company.  They are a cost effective approach to video marketing and see a great return on your investment into video marketing.  So please get in touch with Reels who will assist you through the whole production process.