Project: Internal Video Advertising Campaign for Jaguar

Services Commissioned: Production, Post-Production and Directing

Part of a recruitment campaign- “Powered by the People” Reels in Motion were commissioned as the production company to work alongside TMP Worldwide.  Reels in Motion have worked with TMP Worldwide on multiple projects for some of the UK’s largest Blue Chip companies.  The Powered by the People campaign was part of a drive for new graduates onto the Jaguar Graduate programme run out of their head office in the midlands in Gaydon.  The project went live with fantastic results and really increased the numbers of graduates that came through the program.  With the target audience being graduates video was an extremely important part of the overall campaign.

Reels in Motion are the go to video advertising production company for many agencies across the UK.  We deliver on time and on budget to make sure each project is extremely successful.  It takes a lot of trust to start a collaboration and Reels very much appreciates that and when we are chosen to work in collaboration we make sure we do not let our partners down.  This then results in long lasting relationships with many of our partners working with us now for well over 10 years.  As with all projects our level of involvement changes from project to project.  Please feel free to get in touch with us or pass our details to your agency so that we can all work together to deliver to the screen.