Creating a training video for your business can not only enhance the training process but can save heaps of time and as all good companies know, time is money. But while you may know how to train members of staff face to face, getting your approach in a video can present a new set of challenges. If you do decide to approach us for training video production in Stoke, we can help you decide on the best course of action to take.

Tell, Don’t Show

Although most video’s work on the premise of ‘show don’t tell’ this is not the case for training videos. Depending on the area of training, every important factor needs to be explained and while brevity is best, it’s important that the viewers receive all necessary context in order to perform their duties to the best possible standard. If there are many areas to discuss, rather than creating one long film, our training video production Stoke department recommends categorising the important points and creating a shorter video to explain each.

Friendly and Fun

Just because the nature of training videos is serious, doesn’t mean you can’t inject a bit of fun into them. Research suggests that the average human attention span drops off after about 2 minutes, so it’s important to keep the viewer enticed by employing tactics to make them stand up and listen. Rather than just displaying diagrams that explain a job role, our training video production team in Stoke suggest interjecting with talking heads, messages from senior staff or rhetorical infographics can help liven up the film and keep the viewer interested.

How To

Over 90% of smartphone users cite that they use ‘how to’ videos to explain difficult concepts, and this is a technique that can be applied to training videos. Using storytelling techniques and short step-by-step explanations can dramatically increase information retention and keep the audience engaged.

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