Project: Promotional Video to promote the services of Shropshire Doctors Co-Operative Ltd

Serviced Commissioned: Video Marketing Strategy, Concept, Scripting, Scheduling, Production, Photography, Post Production, Animation, Producing and Directing.

Reels in Motion were approached by Shrop Docs Marketing team who knew they wanted to produce video marketing content and had several ideas in mind one being to show exactly what they do in terms of Patient, GP and Shrop Doc working.  It was key to show the benefits and effects their model can have on an already stretched NHS.  When Shrop Docs approached Reels they had quite a clear idea they wanted a talking head interview style film that feature multiple people and was heavy on factual information.  Video Marketing is exploding and with that is the amount of content being produced.  It is so important now to produce videos that stand out from the crowded content that is available.  The Reels in Motion creative team pitched a less informative style and suggested that the role of an urgent care practitioner in its self would achieve all of their goals.  Shot over a one day period in a Docu-Drama approach the Reels in Motion team captured the fantastic work of a Shrop Doc Urgent Care Practitioner.  This film now also lends itself to multiple uses which help see a really strong return on the clients investment into Video Marketing.  The video helps promote the organisation but also has a really positive use in any recruitment drives Shrop Docs do.

Since this video Shrop Docs now work with Reels in Motion in a retainer capacity giving them the flexibility to do multiple videos throughout the video and benefit from regular video marketing.  We have filmed other roles within Shrop Docs as well as specific videos that tie into their overarching marketing strategy.