The key to marketing in recent years and going forward into the future is personality. Gone are the days of functionality first. The oversaturation of the market in many industries means that going on pure functionality, consumers would be spoiled for choice.

So how do they make their decision? By aligning themselves with brands that have an ethos that echoes their own personal morals and values. For example, a vegetarian is highly unlikely to purchase makeup from a brand that tests on animals!

This is where corporate video comes in. Corporate video productions are less about the product or service you’re selling and hold much more focus on your brand, company, and reputation. Even if your ethos directly matches the values of your potential customer, how will they know? What will catch their attention and deliver a swift, captivating and effective message? Video.

We have plenty of experience with corporate videos and these are some of our best tips for making sure your corporate video is effective:


We’d recommend against making any claims that you can’t evidence. Taking the time to film the processes you’re speaking of will be incredibly helpful and back up your message with facts and figures. The audience should be assured they can trust your word.


Who are you talking to? Is it a youthful crowd of women or men in their silver years? You obviously would not market to one the same way you would market to another.


Have a clear ethos. Don’t try to stake a claim on every single positive moral value out there. Assess what you’re good at and ensure you make that clear.

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