If you’ve taken the plunge and decided to create a video showcasing your business ethos, a new product or even just talking head with the CEO, chances are you’re looking for video production services in Staffordshire to capture your vision. There are a number of different formats that can help your business to create a flawless moving picture and deciding on the one that suits your company is the first decision that needs to be made. We’ve created a rundown of some of the most popular techniques and given examples of where they can be effective.


Animations can be extremely effective when it comes to selling a product or simplifying a process. This sort of video can be great for companies who want to control exactly what the viewer sees as pretty much anything can be created to support the overall message. It can be useful if you can’t find a suitable location or have very specific ideas but no way to emulate them in the real world, They can also be more cost effective as you can cut out the cost of location hiring and expensive props gathering, simply creating everything you need in animation using our video production services in Staffordshire.

Live Events

If your company is holding a significant event, be it a conference, a celebration or a PR stunt, capturing it on film can be a great way to immortalise it and showcase some of your skills in a covert manner. Our video production services in Staffordshire can cover these events live and can create a film that is matter of fact, displaying exactly what happens as it happened, or we can edit the footage in a montage, use it behind infographics or even just use snippets for a news style piece