Each year Staffordshire University http://www.staffs.ac.uk/ celebrates its students like many other universities with its graduation ceremonies. Staffordshire University also do a little extra and something that is quite different, they celebrate their staff. They do this through an annual event called, Celebrating Staff Success. The event is about recognising the achievements and hard work of each of the dedicated staff at the university, whether that be lecturers, workers, cleaners or caterers, everyone is recognised.

This year the event was held at The Kings Hall, Stoke, but in previous years has been held in many other venues such as; Britannia Stadium, Staffordshire County Ground and Trentham Gardens. Reels in Motion has worked with Staffordshire University on this particular event for 6 years now.


We’ve done a lot of work on live events and provide clients with many options on how to use video. Staffordshire University took advantage of all of those elements, a part of what we did was capture the staff that had been nominated. We interviewed a cross-section of nominees and shot cutaways of them in their working environment. This then formed nominee videos or “VTs”. The videos were then shown on the night of the event prior to the winner being announced. The reason for creating these videos is to highlight the variety of nominations.


Reels in Motion also provide the visuals for the evening as well. This included a live feed that meant we displayed footage onto a large screen, this ranged from guest speakers to award winners approaching the stage. The host of the ceremony was BBC News https://www.bbc.co.uk/news  reader Nina Nannar. We also ran the text screens ensuring guests knew what award was coming next.

For live events, Reels in Motion also produce highlight videos. Staffordshire University requested a three minute highlight video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9XbZnvMS_Q which included footage of the evening and vox pops with key members of the ceremony. Highlights are a great way of showing how successful your event was. They can also be used to promote the event for the following year, showing your audience what’s going to happen on the night of your event. They can also be a good memento to remind the winners of their special night.