Creating a short film takes meticulous planning and a lot of time, that your business may simply not have to offer. You’ve got to decide on a script, hire actors, brief businesses, find a location and hire a crew – all before anything can even be captured on film! Our video production team in Derby can help save you time and money by taking hold of your project and seeing it through, in one simple package.

Cost Effective

When you choose to employ Reels in Motion to carry out short film production in Derby, you’ve already done the hard part! Our experienced crew is made up of every different role involved, so there is no need for you to hire a whole crew at great expense. You don’t even need to have a well-constructed brief for what it is you want to achieve, even if you only have a few jottings on a piece of paper, our team will liaise with you to build it into a video that meets all your business requirements. Once we’ve created a brief, we complete the filming, master the editing and give you a chance to make changes – making us a one-stop shop for all your filming needs.


Once your short film production in Derby is completed, there is no end to what your business can do with it. Whether you want to put it on to your website to boost your reputation with new customers or send it into the social sphere to generate new business, there are a wealth of opportunities that can arise from a video production. Studies have shown that consumers are 10 more likely to interact with a business who utilise video, than those who do not, so making the investment now could help boost your ROI for years to come!

If you are interested in short film production in Derby call our team on 01782 454 054.