As experienced producers of corporate films in the Midlands, we know a thing or two about how these productions can benefit corporations for years to come. Far from a fad or a passing phase, having video as part of your marketing repertoire is a must for businesses who want to get ahead of their competition and stay ahead of the curve!

Content is King

An essay written by Bill Gates in the ’90s, Content Is King predicted that content would become an internet money maker, and so far, this has proved to be astronomically accurate. In the article, Gates discussed the needs of businesses to produce both informational and entertaining pieces which would reward companies with engagement. Our corporate film productions in the Midlands stand true to this ethos and endeavour to develop films that attract clients, build relationships and enhance a business’s overall online presence.

Customer Centric

At the core, our corporate videos produced in the Midlands centre around a business’s customers by sharing information about their brand, but without explicitly promoting it. The idea here is to pique the interests of customers via advice, instruction or entertainment using a soft sell approach which helps to gain customer trust, create a reputation of knowledge and authenticate legitimacy – all valued traits of credible companies.

Adapting to Change

For businesses to progress and stay future proof, they must adapt to the latest sales techniques and forge a reputation in the modern world. Video content is very much here to stay and is proving successful across platforms. Corporate video can be used internally to motivate staff, in email marketing campaigns to influence shareholders or even just on social media to provide light entertainment.

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