If your business has ever made the decision to harness the power of commercial video production, you’ll be familiar with the challenges that lie ahead. From planning, scripting and casting there is so much to think about before the camera even starts rolling but follow our tips for success and the finished product will look flawless.

Go Pro

It may seem like an obvious first step but choosing a professional to carry out your commercial video production will always yield better results than having a go yourself.

Know Your Audience

Consider who it is that will be watching your commercial video production and who your ideal target audience is and let this influence your content. Create a ‘personality board’ that defines characteristics, ages, genders and behaviours of your preferred reach.

Craft A Message

Whether you want your corporate video production to be about a product launch or a company profile, make sure your message is direct and specific. Too many businesses make the mistake of trying to portray too many messages, leaving viewers confused and less likely to use your company.

Make A Connection

Purchase decisions are typically emotional ones and so make sure your video makes a connection with your audience. Reeling of benefits of a product is all well and good but using real-world examples, or case studies is a much more emotive tactic.

Show Don’t Tell

Videos are a visual way of marketing your business or product and consumers tend to prefer a show, don’t tell approach. Keep your audience captivated by showing them the benefits of the product using actors or real people instead of telling them a long list of good qualities.

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