Time lapse video offers visuals like no other method, combining images taken at regular intervals to create the effect that time has been sped up. Popular among corporate videos, nature documentaries and even television adverts, it is a tried and tested method that works for a huge range of purposes. Reels in motion have put together our top three reasons to use time lapse video, from our headquarters in Stoke on Trent.

Corporate Communications

There’s no denying that time lapse footage is impressive and so using it in corporate communications to showcase your brand is a good way to show your commercial value. Producing time lapse video in Stoke on Trent, we know all too well the huge effect this nifty technique can have at propelling your brand to investors. Opening a corporate production with a time lapse of the front of your building, for example, can show the many people who pass through the doors every day, looking to your business for guidance. Speeding it up in this way demonstrates exactly that without overtly saying it aloud and assures viewers that business is thriving.

Training Videos

Training new staff members can be time-consuming and therefore costly, so speeding up the process is welcomed by businesses far and wide. Using a time lapse video, you can effectively demonstrate certain tasks in half the time whilst giving employees a visual representation of whatever it is you’re training them to do. Say you’re training a receptionist on the filing system, filming them logging different articles in sped up time can help familiarise new starters with the process and using time lapse video from out Stoke on Trent office, can encourage them to engage with the training.

Social Media Videos

Be it to promote a job role, company ethos or attract new customers using social media video has a number of benefits. Add a time lapse in and you’re likely to see increased engagement thanks to the shareability of such content. As one of the most visually pleasing video art forms, time lapses can help to grow your social following, expand your reach and create a credible image online.

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