Video Production

Full in-house video production service, our team will bring as much creative flare and attention to detail to every project.


Reels in Motion have produced 100’s of corporate and promotional videos in Birmingham. Birmingham is a fantastic city with lots of great filming locations.

Corporate Video

Highly experienced in corporate video, our team will work closely with you to ensure your completed video hits the target.


Being just a few minutes down the A50 from our studio in Stoke-on-Trent, Reels in Motion have many clients in Burton.

Video Marketing

Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product or service from a site after watching a video – the stats speak for themselves!


With its fantastic architecture Cambridge makes a great filming location and Reels in Motion have shot many corporate videos in Cambridge.

Website Videos

From detailed company overview videos to dynamic 30 second virals, our focus is on creating concepts that grab viewers attention.


Reels in Motion have many clients in Cheshire who use video for marketing, sales and training.

Training Videos

A great way of engaging with your audience online which ultimately drives more traffic to your site.


Chester is a lovely city for filming and Reels in Motion have produced several projects for the Chester and Cheshire Council.

Video Content

With 80% of Internet users remembering the video ads they watch online, video is the fastest growing area of online marketing.


Reels in Motion film all over the Midlands and Coventry homes many of our clients.

Promotional Video

Whether for a company, product or person, promotional videos are one of the most popular and effective video formats.


Derby City Council work with Reels in Motion on many video productions.


Whether demonstrating a complex procedure, explaining a technical product or telling a story, animation is a great way of bringing challenging content to life.

Greater Manchester

One of Reels in Motion’s video production clients in Greater Manchester is Airpure who have commissioned many promotional sales videos.


Now used across all sectors of business, infographics are a powerful and effective form of video marketing.


Leeds is a great filming location and Reels in Motion have shot many corporate videos in Leeds.


It is rare to find a corporate video production company that has broadcast experience, but here at Reels we’ve done it all.


Leicester based company Pearson Anderson commissioned Reels in Motion to produce Get Closer to the Truth for TV network Star Plus.

Filming Company

Here at Reels we have professional crews and equipment for hire for whatever you may need.


If you are a Liverpool business looking for a corporate video please get in touch.

Live Event Filming

It’s important to capture the success of your event for future promotional purposes or for any delegates who couldn’t attend the event.


With our office location Reels in Motion services a multitude of companies across London who want a video production company.  Please contact our team to discuss your project.

Testimonial Filming

People want to see and hear just how fantastic you are. Video testimonials are a really powerful and cost effective marketing tool.


If you are looking for a video production company in Manchester please give Reels in Motion a call.  We are only 30 minutes away and highly competitive.

Live Event Coverage

Whether it’s a small seminar to 20 people or an international conference to 1000’s Reels in Motion can support all your needs.


We produce videos all over the Midlands and draw upon our 10 years experience to generate a fantastic return on investment.

Time Lapse Video

Time lapse is a very powerful video format and is as popular as ever.


Norwich City is a wonderful location for filming, with its modern architecture as well as historic appearance it makes for a great setting.  It is also birth place to co-founder Matt who went to Hewitt Sixth Form……a few years back!

Company Profile

A very powerful video marketing tool, a company profile video is a great way of getting across a feel of an organisation in a very short space of time.


Being so central makes Nottingham a great location and as it’s just down the road from our Studio we have many clients in Nottingham.  Get in touch to find out about video for your organisation.

Internal Communication

We work with many internal marketing teams to help deliver communication videos on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


City of Reels in Motion co-founder Phil and of course home to Inspector Morse, Oxford has been a popular filming location for years.  Reels in Motion have worked for many Oxford based businesses.

Sales Videos

Consumers no longer will read text about your product, they want to see and hear how it works to better inform their buying decision.


If you are a business in Shrewsbury who want to use video in your marketing strategy please get in touch with the Reels team and we can help you through the whole process.

Video Presenter

Grabbing your online visitors’ attention is becomingly increasingly competitive, so a website presenter can be a great way to greet your next customer.


Neighbouring our home county of Staffordshire means we are often filming in Shropshire.

Product Demo Video

A product demonstration video is one of the most popular forms of video with  59% of senior executives preferring to watch video instead of reading text, you can really see how powerful this type of video is.


From our main studio in Staffordshire Reels in Motion produce films all over the country but love working with world wide organisations right on our doorstep, including: Michelin, Jaguar LandRover and JCB to name a few.


Exhibition Videos

The time, effort and resource that goes into an exhibition or trade show means that capturing visitors as they walk past your stand is critical and the most powerful tool to do this is video.


Stoke-on-Trent the ceramics capital of the world.  Home to great brands like Wedgewood, Emma Bridgewater, Stoke City FC, BET 365 and Reels in Motion.

Business Video

Using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%, making it a critical feature for any business.

West Midlands

Reels in Motion produced their first feature film Pulp all over the West Midlands and used iconic locations like the Birmingham Think Tank which also houses the annual Comic Con event.

Online Video

Produce an engaging, intelligent, funny or shocking online video and it can be everywhere within seconds with 92% of mobile video viewers sharing videos with others.


Home to Lego Land and Windsor Castle you can understand why the Reels production team love their visits to the area of Windsor.